European curriculum vitae format  

I express the desire undertaking of work in at U.K


Personal information




Boguslaw Szymanski









Date of birth


0 7.0 4.1 9 7 4



Work experience


Dates (from - to)                    15. solders.2005  till   10 April 2005.

Work at Czech Republic

On position :Welder sorcerer {MAG}W03.

Kind of executed work.- welding konstruction steel

 KBK - konstukcja - budowa-kooperacja

33-100 TARNOW,ul.jastrunia 3

tel. 0 1 4   6 2 6-5 1-6



Dates.                                                    30.April.2005   till  30.Aprill..2005

Work at Czech Republic

On position :Welder sorcerer {MAG}W03

Kind of executed work.- welding konstruction steel

ARUTAM sr.o.

ul.kopcovecka 188,

716 00 Ostrawa-radwanice

012) 2 7 6 2 7 1 5


Dates.                                                   09.August.1999    till   26.october.2004


Work at Polska

On position :welder sorcerer{MAG}W03

Kind of executed work.-okretowy welder , they stood welding in every position about different thickness ships


ul. Stoczniowców 2

Tel. 0 7 7 4 8 2 5 9 0 4


Dates:                                                31.october.1997  till    28.february.1999

Work at Polska

wood opolski industry in opolu

Institution of wood industry

47-220 kedzierzyn - kozle

On position :  acumination mechanical section

Kind of executed work.- acumination the saws


Dates:                                              20.october.1996   till   19.october.1997

Work at Polska

On position :pourer of ever-burning fires , packing the charcoal

spułdzielnia INPARCO

47-220 kedzierzyn - kozle

ul. powstanców 70

tel. 8 3 3 2 8 1



I is on the job with manyyears' experience person in welder's trade. I got to know the specific of occupation, accumulating experience in many firms and co-operating with persons with the same trade. This gave me the possibility of universal professional development. Utilization is my aim ability and skill as well as more far development in peeled direction.




Education and training


• Dates (from - to)


1 august 1991 do 21 june 1993




School from preparation to professional work in occupation turner.

On the ground the resolution of pedagogical advice with day 21 June 1993.

 the head master admitted qualifications mechanical  MA.Krzysztof Jedrzejas.



The basic ride of welding the electrodes lagged     Date 01.June.1999 year to 09.July.1999 year   Associated the many-department "EKO AURA"

The basic ride of welding the method the SORCERER{MAG}          Date         04.August. 1999 year do31.August.1999 year the  Nerve centre

 of course the and przekfalifikowania education kedr the "PROFESSION"

The secondary ride of welding the method SORCERER {MAG}     Date    03.January..2002 year do23.February.2002 year the  Departament of soldering new the production engineering.


Basic ride IS - WO 1 - T                       Date                  01.September.2004 year  to 28.Oktober 2004 year  Mostostal będzin monaco sp.zoo. institutional centre soldering  41-200 sosnowiec,ul. niwecka 1e.


Personal skills and competences

 Mother tongue





Other languages                   POLISH



Other languages                     


Understanding      good

Telling                      basic

Writing                    basic


Social skills and competences

 I teach since year the sie of English treat in country which mainly sie tells it it is not this easy Polish.

my advantages: it links contacts quickly, I be able to work in group, I am conscientious,creative,organized guided, it spózniam oneself I I, render aid willingly,passed rides bhp.

aim this conquest work and practice



Technical skills  and competences

Technical skills:the service of computer:Windows,packet Microsoft Office(Word,Excel,),Internet,,Corel Draw,.I purchased on positions which my professional experience I worked and in house  . it combats oneself new I learn technologi work and service on new machines very quickly.


Driving licence(s)



I it have not





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Certificate   W 03.

Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych zawartych w mojej ofercie pracy dla potrzeb niezbędnych do realizacji procesu rekrutacji (zgodnie z Ustawą o Ochronie Danych Osobowych z dnia 29.08.97, Dziennik Ustaw Nr 133 Poz. 883)